Tanks - Update #3

Pillbox modelling and some Unity Destruction

Tanks - Update #3

I modelled some pill boxes based on WW2 reference models i found on the KingAndCounty wargames site. They have a great selection of WW2 models and town scenes.

The simple concrete shape of a pillbox is pretty simple to model but what i kept forgetting was scale. Everything from the enviroment to the tanks was starting to look off. I started using Unity units (1m squared).  Using a Unity capsule for human height i was able to keep everything looking correct. I'll tweak this later but for now it's a nice was of keeping everything consistant.

During modelling I came across a nice way to cut holes without boolean operators. I'm going to use this to create gun emplacements. You can see it on pillbox 3.

I'm struggling to create good textures. I almost bought Substance Painter but I can't justify it when I know I can get what I want out of what I have. I just need to put more effort into learning it.

Should I put Unity aside and work on creating a solid art style? I should nail down that prototype first. That's more important.

Speaking of Unity, I did have a little bit of fun this week creating some destruction and explosion effects.  I've never tried this before and the result is pretty satisfying. It needs optimizing and some decent textures but i'm happy with the initial result. I'll add some randomizations to the effects and some sound which will make it pop nicely.

Click the button and buildings explode