Creating a scene from concept art

Trying to improve my understanding of HDRP while practising lighting. Here I try creating a 3D scene from a concept sketch.

Creating a scene from concept art

I've always enjoyed lighting but I do struggle with it, particularly in Unity.

To improve this I'm going to try recreating concept art work using Unity and HDRP. HDRP I’ve always found frustrating and buggy, I usually stick to the Universal Render Pipe.  I'll show some of this in the future.

I found this piece of concept art via a Goggle search. I like the lighting and the emotional setting.

I set out to recreate it as quickly as possible.

This is the result.

Added a little dolly animation with Cinemachine and Timeline

The lighting is not perfect, the planets look awkward and the buildings look a little dull. It lacks the emotional tones of the concept artwork.

I didn't have time to model any characters and I couldn't find a good female model. Without it the scene lacks context and emotion.

I'm happy enough though, HDRP performed great. I'm only using 4 lights or so in the scene and leaned more on emissive textures. The only issue is the long wait times to convert assets or older models to HDRP shaders.

Lots of room from improvement, it was a fun challenge this is something i’m going to continue to do often.

I ran into a few package manager bugs but overall the HDRP experience was good however this is a simple scene