Bubble Bobble using Unity

Bubble Bobble using Unity

A while back as a little bit of exploratory testing session i tried to create Bubble Bobble in Unity. I usually write automated tests using the test runner but always after the fact.  I wanted to try Behavior Driven Development so i created this little project to help me learn.

This was the first time using the new input system. I really like it but find do find tweaking it confusing. Still not sure how to the the best out of it. It was cool using humble objects to test movement via an play mode test script.  

Bubble Bobble appears simple AI and bubbles are a little tricky to nail down and get smooth. They still aren't quite right, controls are sicky due to the animation states.

The bubbles also go through the geometry which i dont want. I want the player to be able to jump through the platforms but not the bubbles. I'll need to investigate collision layers when i revist the project.

Anyway, perhaps a more detailed follow up sooon. For now a quick video below.

Playmode tests. Player runs and jumps depending with input through a huble object