Bolt - First-Person Shooter

Creating a simple FPS with Bolt and writing a few automated tests.

Bolt - First-Person Shooter

I've been testing Bolt and Bolt 2 for the last couple of months. I’m enjoying it but I worry that I’m going to forget how to code C#.   However, I feel using Bolt has improved to improve my programming.

Even with a lot of Unity experience, you'll need to refer to documentation and tutorials from time to time. I really got to grasps with Bolt by translating tutorials and C# documentation into Nodes and graphs.

I needed to write a test for the input nodes. To do this normally I'd use the humble object pattern with C#. This humble object would then pass values into the input system.

With Bolt, I took this concept and created a Bolt - Super Unit. This Super Unit could then be turned on via the test code, letting me pass in any values I wanted into the movement nodes.

This is what I like about Bolt I can take a somewhat cumbersome topic such as the Humble Object Pattern and visualize it, then run it in real time. It makes the whole thing so much clearer in your head.

As part of testing Bolt, and creating test automation I created a basic first-person shooter. I'm pretty happy with it, it is very simple but only took a day to put together.  It has everything you'd need for a base game.

I'd love to work on it a little more once I have a good direction on where to take it. I'd like to remove the shooting and create an interesting walking simulator. It's coming up to Halloween, perhaps a spooky house?