Last Bolt post for a while. I'm worried i'm going to forget how to code :D.  

In all honesty using Bolt has improved my programming. Even with a lot of Unity experience you're going to need to refer to documentation and tutorials. This is true no matter what you are coding/creating.

Translating tutorials and Unity documentation into Bolt graphs helped reinforce coding ideas.

Example.  I needed to create a wrapper for my input code in order to automate it's testing. Usually I'd use the humble object pattern in C#. With Bolt, I ended up writing a superunit that triggers the movement code on demand. This esentially visulizes the wrapper, and helped me understand better how and why we use wrappers.

Anyways.... as part of testing new code, I created a simple FPS game using only Bolt. I'm pretty happy with it, it is very simple, but only took a day to make. It has everything you'd need to make a basic first person game. I'd love to work on it a little more once i have a good direction on where to take it. I'd like to remove the shooting and create an interesting walking simulator. It's coming up to halloween, perhaps a spooky house?